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  • AWG Mode’s completely revamped online store helps make its customers even happier.

  • Clothing retailer AWG has been known since 1969 for its very special flair of offering fashion for every occasion and every type of customer.

    Ever since the first AWG Mode Center was opened, its slogan has been ‘Alle Werden Glücklich’ – ‘Making everybody happy’. This maxim is the basis of the company. AWG Mode is a success story that started small and became a business which today has just over 300 branches, 3,000 staff and shop space of around 172,000 square meters, earning it a significant position in the clothing industry.

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  • Carefree shopping thanks to optimum performance and user guidance

  • Every single process has been fundamentally renewed. We have integrated a powerful merchandise management interface, the website’s performance has been improved considerably, and user guidance has been optimised – to name just a few examples. A complex product data model enables products to be presented in detail using high-quality, large-format images. Intelligent navigation helps users to find the products they want quickly and effortlessly. The store is made even more usable by integrating a quick-buy option and a click & collect feature which makes it possible to have your desired product sent to the shop of your choice. Or you can check in real time to see how many items of a product are in stock at your preferred store. Users will find inspiration in new, constantly changing theme worlds and catalogue pages from which most products can be placed straight into a shopping basket using a buy-direct function. Lots of discounts and promotions encourage users to hunt for bargains.

    AWG newsletters regularly inform users about new products, special offers and events. Customer behaviour on the website and information from shops on the ground help AWG match online and offline data to create personalised campaigns and communicate with customers in different buyer groups and customer life-cycles. A prize draw mode has been developed, and the AWG frequent shopper card has been integrated into the personal customer account area. 

    Software and sR products used:

    • Shop: OXID Enterprise Edition
    • sR CMS
    • sR Merchant Center
    • sR Performance
    • sR Catalog
    • sR Outfits
    • sR Reminder
    • sR Storefinder
    • sR Sorter
    • Newsletter: Emarsys
    • Search, Suggests and Recos: FACT Finder
    • ERP: Microsoft Navision
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  • The relaunched website is technically highly advanced and complex and has been implemented entirely using responsive web design; lots of new technical features make the shopping experience quick, simple and pleasurable, at home or on the move.

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