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  • Spryker is a dynamic eCommerce framework which is especially suitable for individual shop solutions regardless of technical demands and growing complexity. superReal is Spryker’s solution partner and has already successfully implemented a series of projects.

This is what we do with Spryker

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  • Why Spryker?

  • The eCommerce market is in an advanced phase. Shop operators are competing on the basis of innovative features, data-driven marketing and, above all, speed. Agility is now more important than sales volume. That’s why the right technological basis is today’s key success factor. Software can only be as good as the standard it is based on, and with Spryker that standard is designed for performance and technical productivity. Spryker allows shops to be developed individually, and its features are independent components.

  • The benefits

  • Nowadays it’s very difficult to implement individual and technically demanding eCommerce business models using standard systems. Efficiency and productivity are thwarted, especially by post-launch costs caused by monolithic system architectures. That’s where Spryker comes in as a modular eCommerce framework.

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  • Quality and Sustainability

  • Successful eCommerce business models require amendments and individualised development, and these are difficult or impossible to do using the system architecture and code quality of standard and SaaS shop systems. Today almost every eCommerce platform gets numerous functions added to it, while up to 80% of the shop system features it comes with are not even used in the first place. This results in considerable maintenance expenditure and inflexible, unsustainable online shop development. Spryker is a modular framework of proven code quality and much higher technical productivity, which makes it different. It only uses what really needs to be used.

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  • Fig. Increased IT productivity

  • Performance

  • A strict division of frontend (Yves) and backend applications (Zed) allows each scope to be optimised in every respect. The frontend is free of business logic and fully optimised for the high-performance visualisation of data. It also employs a cluster-compatible key-value store which can deliver large quantities of data in milliseconds. There’s no need for conventional full-page or even fragmentary caching which complicates every application massively because of the individualisation strategies it requires, especially in highly dynamic shops.

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  • Fig. Spryker architecture

  • Process modelling

  • Spryker’s state machines offer a powerful instrument for designing, planning and implementing the kind of business process that can be found in every area of shops (such as order/payment processes, returns handling and so on). Processes are modelled in XML and shown graphically in a clear way. The necessary implementations are immediately visible and can easily be fed directly into development. State machines offer a constant and binding blueprint of cross-system process logic, and on the shop side they provide a direct means of translating business processes into software design.

  • Be part of our Spryker Team!

  • Would you like to discover new territory and become part of a team creating enterprise eCommerce applications? We are currently working on our first Spryker projects and others are in the pipeline. That’s why we’re looking for senior developers for the frontend and backend. Technical project managers and system architects are also welcome.

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